Important :  Visa on arrival in currently suspended for Indian nationals.
 Indians nationals need to apply for a regular tourist visa, instead. 
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Obtain a two-weeks tourist visa to Iran upon arrival at the airport.

If you meet all the conditions explained in the green headed box, you may fill the below form in order to get a pre-approval for an airport visa. You will be also given a document with which you can board the flight for Iran without a visa in your passport.

The service cost is EUR60.00 per person.



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You can also email ( or fax (+98-21-84211826) your passport copy.

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You can use our other website to plan your trip.

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Notice : If you have problem with submitting the form on your computer, Please contact


Notice :
- By submitting the application you accept our terms  and conditions.
- The process may face delays due to MFA's decision for more investigations. However , the above mentioned process times are met in most cases. Please notice that Thu. and Fri. are weekend days is Iran and not counted as working days for the process. Public holidays are also added to non-working days. (list of public holidays)
- All decisions for granting any visa remains with the government authority. is not affiliated with the government. charges a professional fee to provide a number of value added services.
- Visa stamp fee depending on the applicant's nationality will be collected by airport visa authority on issue of the visa.



Nationals of all countries (except those listed below) holding a valid ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a 15-day Tourist Visa Upon Arrival at the airports of  :

IKA : Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport
THR : Tehran Mehrabad Airport
MHD : Mashad Airport
SYZ : Shiraz Airport
TBZ : Tabriz Airport
ISF : Isfahan Airport

 The applicant should have a confirmed return ticket and a valid passport with at least 6 months validity and a photo to be attached to the application form.

2.  Visa stamp fee (depending on the applicant's nationality) is payable to the visa & passport office at the airport.

3.  This type of visa is only for tourist purposes and the followings are not entitled to this visa facilitation.

3.1. Journalists and reporters on mission.
3.2. Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa have been rejected before.
3.3. Iranians holding foreign passports but still maintaining their Iranian nationality.

4. Applicants can secure the visa by completing the opposite form and receiving a pre-approval visa code.

list of non-eligible nationalities for airport visa :
India (since Mar. 2014)



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