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Address : 47 Swapna Lok, Nepeansea Road, August Kranti Marg,
Mumbai 400036
Tel. : +91 22 23630073
Fax. : +91 22 23694666
email : info@iranmumbai.com
website : http://www.iranmumbai.com
Working hours : Mon.- Fri. (Ex. Thu.) 09:30 - 13:30
Iran Embassy in Canberra

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 Written by  Cristof (French) Oct. 2011
Following, how to get Iranian visa in Mumbai :

- Address : Iranian consulate, 47 Nepeansea Road.

- Schedules : it's not really clear but I think 9h30 to 13h30 all the week except Thursday (and the week end). But it's open also the afternoon if they need more papers from you  !

- They ask me : letter from my hotel in Mumbai but I just gave a bill and it was enough (better to stay in the same hotel and to keep all the bills). Hotels booking in Iran (not necessary but better), 2 photos, the application form

- fingerprint are not necessary, they took them themselves in the consulate.

- 3200 roupies

- They also ask me in the consulate a lot of questions about my family and my work in my country.

- I did just wait 2 days to get my visa

 I hope it will be useful for others




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