Address:5, Barakhamba Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India
Tel.:+91 11 42477786
Fax.:+91 11 23325493
email:[email protected]
Working hours:Mon.-Fri. 09:00-12:00 (closed on Wed.)

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So here are some of the details you would like to know about the embassy in Delhi.
The address is Barakhamba road 5, Delhi.
Opening hours are from 08.30h till 13.00h.
They give a form to fill in there and you need to give 2 passport pictures.After 2 working days (with a weekend from Saturday till Sunday in between) we could pick up our visa. The hours for picking up the visa are from 14.00h till 15.00h (at the front gate).
Thanks again for everything!
Joni & Mathias (Belgian)
Jul. 2011
Iranian Consulate, Delhi, India
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